Harvey Enns

MIS, Operations & Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics


MBA 794, Information Systems & Business Decision Making

Harvey Enns holds a Ph.D. from the University of Western Ontario, an MBA from the University of Minnesota, and earned a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Manitoba. His work experience includes operations manager, assistant plant manager and production control coordinator roles at Palliser Furniture in Fargo, North Dakota and Winnipeg, Manitoba. In his free time, Enns enjoys reading, running and various sports.

Current Research Interests: chief information officer influence, top executive influence, IT professionals’ employment arrangements

Books/Papers Published: Ferratt, T. W, Prasad, J., and Enns, H.G., “Synergy and Its Limits in Managing Information Technology Professionals,” Information Systems Research, (23:4), December 2012, pp. 1175-1194.

Enns, H.G., and McDonagh, J.J., “Irish CIOs’ Influence on Technology Innovation & IT-Business Alignment,” Communications of the Association for Information Systems, (30:1), 2012, pp. 1-10.

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