MBA Credit Waivers

We believe that a comprehensive online MBA program is one that meets you where you are as a business professional, and builds upon the information you’ve already learned in your undergraduate studies or on the job.

That’s why we offer credit waivers to applicants who can demonstrate relevant academic or professional experience in foundational business areas. By earning credit waivers, you can progress to advanced coursework more quickly, allowing you to graduate sooner and reduce the total cost of your degree.

All course waiver decisions are made at the discretion of the admission committee. Meeting the below guidelines does not guarantee that a course waiver will be granted.

What Courses Are Eligible for Waivers?

All MBA foundation courses, which provide an understanding of core business concepts, are eligible for credit waivers. If you have appropriate academic or professional experience that demonstrates your ability to succeed in advanced courses, you may be able to waive up to 15 credits toward your MBA.

Our foundation courses are:

  • Introduction to Financial Accounting (MBA 500, 1.5 credits)
  • Introduction to Managerial Accounting (MBA 501, 1.5 credits)
  • Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions (MBA 511, 1.5 credits)
  • Principles of Operations Management (MBA 512, 1.5 credits)
  • Principles of Finance (MBA 520, 3 credits)
  • Principles of Marketing (MBA 530, 1.5 credits)
  • Principles of Economics (MBA 540, 1.5 credits)
  • Information Technology and Systems (MBA 560, 1.5 credits)
  • Principles of Organizational Behavior (MBA 570, 1.5 credits)

How Are Credit Waivers Granted?

Our admission committee grants credit waivers based on academic background and/or professional work experience. Review the guidelines below to see if you may qualify.

Academic Background

Credit waivers based on undergraduate coursework will be evaluated based on your provided transcripts. To be considered, you must have completed a comparable course within the past seven years and earned a final grade of “C” or better. Introductory courses such as courses for non-business majors are not eligible to receive a credit waiver.

Explore example undergraduate courses that may qualify you for a credit waiver in the table below.

MBA@Dayton Foundation CourseUndergraduate Course Examples That May Qualify
MBA 500
Intro to Financial Accounting, Financial Accounting
MBA 501
Intro to Managerial Accounting, Managerial Accounting
MBA 511
Statistics, Business Statistics, Statistical Reasoning
MBA 512
Operations Management, Analyzing Business Operations, Operations & Supply Chain Management
MBA 520
Principles of Finance, Corporate Finance, Financial Management
MBA 530
Microeconomics, Principles of Economics
MBA 540
Principles of Marketing, Marketing Management
MBA 560
Information Systems in Organizations, Management of Information Technology, Introduction to Management Information Systems
MBA 570
Principles of Organizational Behavior, Managing & Behavior in Organizations, Analysis of Organizational Behavior

Professional Work Experience

If you believe you qualify for credit waivers based on your professional work experience, use the downloadable form and resume template provided within the application to detail your aptitude in particular subject areas. An editable .docx file is available for download within the application, but you can preview the template here (PDF, 176KB).

The resume template is designed to help you provide the admission committee with sufficient evidence from your professional career that demonstrates your preparedness for advanced coursework. This should include a detailed description of relevant work experience including dates, specific day-to-day responsibilities and outcomes that prove proficiency. Where relevant, you are encouraged to include an additional statement that provides context about your career progression, any gaps in your resume and the structure of any teams you have led.

The admission committee will use your resume and optional statement to decide which course waivers, if any, you will be granted.

Take Your Next Step

If you have any questions, connect with our admission team at +1-855-622-8312 or Otherwise, continue making progress on your application.