MBA Immersions

Immersions are an important component of the MBA@Dayton program. You, your classmates and your faculty members will come together in person to apply your newfound knowledge in a real-world setting. These collaborative learning experiences give you opportunities to learn from influential business leaders, engage in group workshops and network with your peers.

During the program, you will attend two immersions: The required Servant Leadership Immersion, which will take place on the University of Dayton campus in Dayton, Ohio — and an immersion of your choice.

Previous Immersions

Disrupting Business: Applied Creative Changemaking for the Common Good

Today’s workforce demands a mindset of possibility that disrupts the world through 21st-century citizenship. University of Dayton’s Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation believes in creative changemaking with a sustainable, humanity-centered focus that blends educational and vocational frameworks for transformation of both one’s professional and personal journey.

In this one-of-a-kind immersion, you will integrate the three pillars of applied creative learning — ambiguity, empathy and humanity — in order to animate these approaches within your own discipline of study and professional experience. You will strengthen your transdisciplinary learning and research through a collaborative creation of new conceptual, theoretical, methodological and translational innovations that integrate and move beyond discipline-specific approaches to address a grand challenge faced in today’s local, regional and global business sectors.

A Community of Competitors: A Creative Place Study of the Business of Sport

How can competition build community? Join the University of Dayton’s Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT) for an intensive, hands-on experience in Portland, Oregon — the global hub for sports product management.

The Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation seeks to empower a forward-thinking 21st century student with the creative competencies that today’s job market demands — critical perspective, complex problem solving and collaboration with others — and the ability to apply those skills to diverse disciplines of study through a humanity-centered approach.

During this immersion, participants will:

  • Experience the people and places of Portland, focusing on the business of sport, product innovation and community impacts.
  • Work in transdisciplinary cohorts to bring ideas to action through a purpose-based, problem-based learning model of Ideation, Disruption and A-ha.
  • Develop insights and strategies for social impact through real-world challenges posed by industry leaders in sports product research and development.

Technology and Innovation in Silicon Valley

During this immersion, you will explore the Bay Area of California while discovering how new technologies impact Silicon Valley firms. Through a series of presentations by executives, case discussions, plant tours and group projects, you will consider the process of innovation and how it internally and externally influences operational processes and general business practices.

By the end of this immersion, participants will have an understanding of:

  • The innovation process and its associated challenges and opportunities
  • How technology and innovation contribute to operations in Silicon Valley firms
  • The connection between innovation and operational practices
  • Essential skills for managing and leading innovative teams

Servant Leadership

What sets MBA@Dayton apart from other MBA programs is UD’s Marianist and Catholic identity, which is embodied through the concept of servant leadership. As you expand your understanding of key business terms, you will also learn how to use your knowledge and talents to improve the world around you. One of the MBA immersions will delve into how servant leadership merges with business knowledge to help you succeed on a personal and professional level.

Organizations that practice servant leadership are more successful, as proven by research. MBA@Dayton embodies the model of “Head” (business acumen), “Heart” (humanity), and “Hands” (service). In this immersion, you will explore the tradition of, latest research and best practices on servant leadership by participating in: 

  • Classroom sessions
  • Executive panels
  • The COPE poverty simulation
  • Personal reflection
  • Visits to University of Dayton Community Partners

Nonprofit Organizations

You may at some point work for a nonprofit, volunteer for a nonprofit, donate to a nonprofit or even serve on the board of a nonprofit. No matter where your career takes you, you will likely engage with nonprofit organizations.
The primary objective of this immersion is to provide you with information on the various business models used by different nonprofit organizations with an emphasis on how these organizations operate and add value to the business world and to the community at large.