The One-Year MBA Path for Recent Business Graduates

Leverage Your Existing Business Skills to Earn Your MBA Online in One Year

Applicants who have earned a recent undergraduate business degree may qualify for the one-year MBA program from the University of Dayton (UD). If you have a solid foundation in basic business concepts, you may be able to leverage that knowledge toward earning your MBA.

With the one-year online MBA program, you will receive the same advanced business knowledge as the longer program paths without repeating topics you covered in your undergraduate program. In the one-year path, you will:

  • Advance your career sooner, for less of a financial investment, by completing the program in a shorter amount of time.
  • Prepare to advance into a leadership role, such as a managerial position. In Ohio in 2017 professionals who work in managerial roles, such as operations managers, earned an average of $48.27 an hour. Marketing managers earned an average of $63.57 an hour1.
  • Earn your degree from UD’s AACSB-accredited School of Business Administration.
  • Form strong connections with diverse faculty and students online and in person.

Program at a Glance




months to complete

Who is Eligible to Pursue the One-Year MBA?

When you apply to MBA@Dayton, the admission committee will decide whether you are eligible for the one-year MBA based on your prior education and experience. The University of Dayton’s one-year online MBA program may be an option if you: 

number one

Earned an undergraduate business degree within the last seven years

number two

Have the availability and motivation to complete 7.5 credits per term

As an applicant, you will be evaluated for course waivers based on undergraduate grades, time of completion, career progression and professional experience.

I love being a Dayton Flyer, so it was just the right fit from the beginning. The opportunity to complete the program in one year and take five-week courses really appealed to me.”

Katherine Ma, Lead Materials Planner, GE Aviation

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Other MBA@Dayton Program Paths

At the University of Dayton, we provide tailored learning options based on your background and experience. If you have less professional experience or earned an undergraduate degree in a field other than business, you may be eligible for one of our other MBA paths.

Accelerated MBA Path

Time to complete:
As few as 15 months

31.5–39 credits

Designed for:
Professionals who have at least 8 years of related work experience and/or a bachelor’s degree in business earned more than 7 years ago

Learn more about the accelerated path.

Foundational MBA Path

Time to complete:
As few as 18 months

36–45 credits

Designed for:
Applicants who have limited related work experience and a bachelor’s degree in a non-business field

Learn more about the foundational MBA path.

One-Year MBA Curriculum

In the one-year MBA path, you will take 30–31.5 credits. If you choose to pursue a concentration, you will take three elective courses instead of two. This will require an additional term, increasing your time to completion to 15 months.

Explore the MBA@Dayton curriculum and course descriptions.

Core courses

12 credits

Elective courses

6–9 credits

Integrated Strategy

6 credits

Integrated Ethics

3 credits


3 credits

How Flexible Is the One-Year MBA?

While the program can be completed in 12 months if you take 7.5 credits per semester, you can complete the program at a slower pace if needed. You have the flexibility to complete the program in as few as 12 or as many as 60 months.

Example 12-Month Course Sequence

Term 1:
7.5 credits

  • Principled Organization: Integrating Faith, Ethics and Work
  • Managerial Economics
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Corporate Finance

Term 2:
7.5 credits

  • Business Analytics
  • Performance Measurement and Control Systems Perspective
  • Information Systems and Business Decisions
  • Marketing Management

Term 3:
7.5 credits

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Leadership, Strategy, and Stakeholder Management
  • Elective Course*

Term 4:
6 credits

  • Integrative Project
  • Elective Course*

Term 5:
3 credits (optional)

  • Elective Course*

* If you choose to pursue a concentration, you will take three elective courses instead of two, bringing your program duration to 15 months.

Online Program Delivery

With the MBA@Dayton online learning experience, you will apply your knowledge immediately and collaborate with other passionate, service-oriented professionals. At the same time, you maintain the flexibility to continue working as you pursue your MBA from UD.

The one-year MBA features:

Weekly, live online classes via webcam

Self-paced course work and mobile app

Two in-person immersions to build your network

Support services dedicated to your success

In-Person Immersions During the One-Year MBA

As part of the one-year MBA program, you will attend two or more immersions, where you will apply your classroom knowledge and network in person with your classmates, faculty, and influential business leaders. Immersions are held over the course of a weekend, and at least one will take place on the University of Dayton campus.

At least one immersion will take place on the University of Dayton campus in Dayton, Ohio. The university is a top-tier research institution with strong local ties, and offers the premier AACSB-accredited MBA program in the Midwest.

Learn more about the MBA@Dayton student experience.

Admission Overview and GMAT Waiver Policy

UD accepts applications to MBA@Dayton on a rolling basis. A bachelor’s degree is required for admission, but there is no work experience requirement. To apply for the one-year MBA program, you will need to submit the following materials:

  • Current resume
  • A statement of purpose
  • One professional letter of recommendation

The GMAT/GRE requirement can be waived if you have three years or more of relevant full-time work experience or an undergraduate GPA above 3.0. The University of Dayton reviews the relevancy and duration of your professional experience and reserves the right to ask for additional clarification on any aspect of your application.

Tuition and Financial Aid for the One-Year MBA

Tuition for the one-year MBA is charged per credit hour. We encourage you to take advantage of all resources available to help you pay for your education, including scholarships, grants, federal loans and employer assistance. Find out more about tuition and financial aid.

Do You Qualify for the One-Year MBA Path?

Request information about MBA@Dayton today to see how you can make a difference in your career and community in as few as 12–15 months.

1 Accessed November 2018.